Friday, November 14, 2014

Squeeze 2: Power of the P (coming #BlackFriday2014)

I am so excited about this release! Part one was such a roller coaster ride, that I'm on the edge of my seat waiting until #BlackFriday for part two to drop!

Squeeze 2 by
J.M. Benjamin

While her counter part is being held in federal custody, Diamond Morgan steps up to the plate and holds the Double Gs down in her absence. She focuses on keeping the organization strong while strategically trying to weed out the weak linkage. She has been holding on to some valuable information ever since Starr was arrested, waiting for the right time to reveal it
Starrshma Fields sits in the Clark County jail after being released then re-arrested and held without bail. She uses her time wisely during her incarceration. After making examples out of a few of the other inmates and putting the squeeze on her unit, Double Gs style, Starr recruits some new talent for a plan she intends to execute when she gets out
Queen Fem isnt happy about all of the sudden attention on the Double Gs organization.
Despite loving Starr like her own child, she refuses to let what she worked so hard to build and protect fall a part over one person. She is torn between what she knows should be done and what she wish could be done
Its hard for Agent McCarthy to stay focused. The untimely and unfortunate tragedy with his daughters illness prevents him from pursuing the Double Gs, with his colleagues, the way he know he needs to. His slack is soon picked up by his fellow agent Reddick.
After showing just how long there arms can reach, it seems the two agents and the rest of the bureau combined may not be enough to take the double Gs down
The temperature continues to rise in Las Vegas Nevada as the Double Gs turn the heat up the best way they know how; By putting  the squeeze on the game and the players in it

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